Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fresh Spinach

I envy my sister Menmen. Today, she bought two bunches of fresh spinach. We both love eating grilled spinach with olive oil. It is so yummy when dipped in a sauce made of lemon, soysauce, black pepper and sliced tomatoes.

I don't know but I couldn't find the big spinach here in Alabama. When we were in NJ we did found a lot in the market there. All I can find here is the baby spinach which is always good for our "sinigang" but not good enough for grilling.

Menmen has access to the fresh market in Philadelphia where you can buy different vegetables and all kinds of fishes. The place looks like Baclaran, Manila where the produce are sold by bunches and different people are lining up in the sidewalk selling their produce. When you go there, you don't feel like you are in USA, you will get the feeling that you are back home and doing your food shopping. I wish we have one like that in Alabama.

Anyway, anybody who knows where to buy this kind ( pic below) please let me know...

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