Friday, December 12, 2008

Passport Application Status

I checked the status online everyday. Although I know that in the website it tells you that it will take 7-10 days before the application will be in their system but still, I checked it everyday.

Yesterday, when I checked it I was excited to see these message:

Thank you for submitting your application for a U.S. passport book!
We have finished processing your passport, and it has been mailed to you.
You requested delivery by regular mail. Passport Agencies use Priority Mail. This means you should receive your passport on or about 12/16/2008.

Wow! that was quick! The other day when I checked it, it was not yet in their system and when I checked it back it was done already. Oh my gosh! I am really really excited.

Common passport hurry up that way we can book our tickets!!!!


Carolyn said...

hi lulu, i have something for you in this link

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