Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Prayer Request

I am asking all my friends to help me pray for the repose of the soul of my niece Joy (Danillie Joyce Tarroquin). May the Lord God grant her eternal rest.

Joy's funeral will be on December 26, 2008. Her body lies at my parents home in Hanopol, Balilihan, Bohol.


I just talked to my sister Lita today and I am glad to know that there were so many people who do "vigil" every night. I know it is a very sad thing if nobody joins you during vigil times. I also asked her a favor to buy fresh boquet of flowers to be put at the top of Joy's coffin, I will just gave her the amount she will spend for it. I wanted a pretty flower for Joy, that is the least I can offer.


To everybody who joins us in this hard time, and to all my blogger friends who extended their condolences, my heartfelt thanks to you all.


Pearl said...

Our condolences...

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