Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tickets booked!

Finally, our tickets going home to Philippines is already booked! It took me a lot of time to finally have it confirmed.

I tried to book the cheapest that I can get, when I found one in they were unable to issue the ticket in the price that was quoted in the internet... the reason was the price changed. That was unfair since why they let you book in the website only to find out that that certain flight price has already changed.

Good thing I found another website that sells cheap tickets too. The only problem is you have to call their customer service if you have an infant travelling with you without seat. The first time I called them, it took me 40 minutes to wait before somebody answered my call. That was a lot of waiting.

Anyway, they gave me the price of less than 2500 round trip ticket for myself, dave and andrea so i am not complaining at all! it is a very good deal!

Tickets are all booked now. I even booked for our domestic travel in the Philippines.

Counting starts now.... I am coming home to EAT! hahaha


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Wow! Lulu, I am so happy for you that you will be visiting Philippines soon. I miss my family and friends there in the Philippines, too. But I think it will take a while before I can visit there. Be happy :)

Lulu said...

I am really excited!It will be a short visit... but it is better than not visiting them at all. Happy HOlidays to you and your family!

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