Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas!

There is nothing that can compare to Filipino Christmas. A very festive event which everybody is looking forward to.

I woke up today, thinking how fun it would be if I was in the Philippines. I would have been one of the many churchgoers that attends the Midnight Mass. The mass that would end around 1am Christmas Day. After the mass, everybody is greeting everybody. Phonecalls and text messages are endless. And what else is best but the endless gathering around food. Endless chatter while eating then around 4am or 5am when all is full and tired, everybody goes to bed then wake up in few hours to celebrate more.

Christmas day, carollers are everywhere. Even the kids would sing carols house to house. Neighbors would invite you to have a taste of their celebrations. It is just a very festive day.

This year though, I don't think it would be really festive in our house at home. Joy's body still lies at home. The funeral will be tomorrow. This will be the last Christmas that they will see Joy. But I know, in spirit she will always be a part of the family.

Merry Christmas to all my family back home. I couldn't wait to see you all again!


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