Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Few hours from now, I will celebrate my 3rd Christmas in the USA. I couldn't believe that this is my 3rd Christmas already. Eventhough this is my 3rd I still think and wish of a Christmas the Filipino way. Maybe someday we can celebrate our Christmas as a family in the Philippines. Maybe when we will win the lottery... hahaha

My first Christmas here was exciting. I had a fresh Christmas tree. I was excited because that was my first Christmas with my husband. I enjoyed our first little Christmas tree and we even exchange gift. We even hosted a Christmas lunch for the family.

Last year, it was different. We didn't have any celebration. We actually spent our Christmas with Andrea in St. Vincent's Hospital NICU. It was one of the hardest Christmas having a baby and not being with her because of her health conditions.

This year will be Andrea's first Christmas at home. We will be having lunch at Mom's.

For this Christmas, I am glad that Mischa will be with us. This is the first Christmas that Dave will have his "girls" together. I know it is nothing fancy, but the most important is we are all together.

Despite the difference of American and Filipino Christmas, I am still thankful that every Christmas my family here are always gathered together. We always spend some time together every Christmas and for that I am very blessed because, I have a family here. A family that loves me and treats me as their own daughter.

Merry Christmas everyone. My prayers for all of you for a blessed holiday season.


shiela said...

nice to hear that you are having a fantastic christmas ate lulu!!!! :) im sorry i dont get in touch with you all as much anymore..!!

but yes, FILIPINO ways of celebrating chrismtas are stuff that are hard to break away from! :) have a merry christmas to you all!!! i wana see new pics of andrea!!

Lulu said...

hi sheila,

merry christmas! you can see new pics of Andrea in Dave's friendster.

thanks for checking my blog.

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