Friday, November 21, 2008

XOOM Global Money Transfer

I know that some of my friends uses this services when sending money to the Philippines. I haven't tried it yet until last night.

Compared to what I am currently using when sending money to the Philippines, Xoom is cheaper and it has more options for the receiver where to claim the money. I am really satisfied with their services and they even gave me a free phone call!

After confirming your transaction, the receiver can claim the money right away. When claiming the money my sister didn't encounter any problem.

As I was browsing their website, I also learned that I can directly send money to their bank account, that is a very convenient way especially if the money is intended for something so the receiver will just withdraw it at the time they will need it.

The best thing about this service, I can do it online. No more hassle of going to a certain place that offers the service and do the transaction there.

I think, I have found a new and cheaper way to send some little amount for my family in the Philippines.


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