Thursday, November 20, 2008

2 years ago.....

Two years ago, Nov. 20, 2006, it was one of the most awaited day of my life. It was the day Dave and I has been waiting for with regards to my visa application. This was the day that will determine if we can be together. This was the day where I will face the US Consul and for him to decide if I am qualified for a fiancee visa.

The visa process has been a very tough one and it had been a long wait. During those days, Dave applied for a petition for fiancee visa last week of March 2006, we got the approval July 31, 2006 and National Visa Center got the approved petition August 3, 2006. They forwarded the approved petition to Manila Embassy and I got my schedule for Medical Exam dated November 13, 2006 and Interview November 20, 2006.

Applying for a fiancee visa is not an easy thing, there was so much paper works to do. The medical exam lasted two days. And you have to be at the clinic around 4am to start lining up. The interview was also hard. Hard in the sense that you are so anxious what will happen, you are scared that they will deny your visa application. There was so much in your mind, the what ifs.... all the what ifs that you can imagine. You were also scared that you will be assigned to a mean consul. There was so many things to worry about.

2 years ago, I know I didn't have enough sleep because I was preparing for my interview. I have reviewed all my supporting documents for a million times already. All my papers were in perfect arrangement. I went to the Embassy around 3:30am because it will take sometime for me to travel. I remember my brother called a taxi for me. So here was I dressed in formal attire with an attache case for my documents. I feel prepared. But nothing can console the nervousness and anticipation to get it over with. After few hours of waiting outside the embassy my day begins with all the steps you have to follow before the actual interview. The day went so well, I was assigned to a very nice consul that was impressed with my document arrangements and was happy to inform me that he approves my visa application.

Relief, excitement, tired, mixed emotions and before I forgot hunger, was what I feel after I was done with the embassy. The day started so early without anything on my stomach so i was starved.

Interview was successful, visa was released 2 days later but the wait for the visa delivery to where I live was a pain in the butt! We were all so excited and frustrated why the visa delivery took so long... well after few days later i got the visa and then after all the paperworks, I left home and my family to be with the Man whom I vowed to spend the rest of my life. So here I am, happily married and enjoying motherhood and enjoying the company of my new found family.... my great inlaws and my new found friends!


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