Thursday, November 20, 2008


Whenever I think about how expensive hospitals are, I always feel grateful that I am in the USA and my husband has a great Health Insurance.

I am always amazed at how hospital bills here works. Although the cost of healthcare here is very expensive, I am still amazed on how they will just bill you afterwards. When you are hospitalized, they will give you all you need and the doctors and hospital will just send you the bills. You don't need a big amount of money to discharge from the hospitals. For me, that is really amazing.

In the Philippines, most of the private hospitals wont let you in unless you will pay deposits. They will not administer medication, unless you pay it first. You wont be discharged if you don't pay all your hospital bills. Somehow, I think it is ridiculous of them not to let the patient be discharged if they don't pay all the bills because the longer the patient stays, the more they are charged for their stay.... but then again, it is also very risky if you let them be discharged without paying the bills because many would just disappear and not pay the bills anymore.

When we had our emergency trip to St. Vincent's Hospital a while back, I was reading hospital policies and commitments and all those stuff, I was so surprised to learn there that they posted like, Anyone is entitled for a medical care in the emergency even if you don't have the money to pay for it... i was like WOW!!!!!

Anyway, I was posting these because Joy is in the hospital again, she needs blood transfusion and they wont give it to her unless her parents pay it first. It sucks especially that right now they don't have the money for it!

Joy is in serious condition, we are praying that she can be home first before she will rest eternally.


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