Sunday, November 23, 2008

Busy Friday

Our friday was busy. We woke up early for another doctor's appointment for Andrea. Andrea has been coughing really bad that I have to have her checked by her pediatrician. Actually, it is Dave who keep on telling me to schedule an appointment for Andrea with her pediatrician because he is so worried on Andrea's cough. So I scheduled her for an 11:30am appointment (Friday)

There was no traffic, so we got there at Birmingham Pediatrics at 11:00. Mom Lori brought us there. There were so many patients waiting in the sick waiting area and only few in the well baby area. We waited there for more than an hour before we were called to the examining room.

Andrea's cough has nothing to be worried about. The problem is her left ear is infected. I was like geeeezzzz, the right ear is okay and now it is the left. Anyway, Dr. Goldsmith gave Andrea an antibiotic.

After our Doctor's appointment, we went shopping to Walmart, where John works. We were there for a couple of hours. Then we went to our pharmacy to fill Andrea's prescription, went home to Mom's and then finally home for us.

It has been a very long day but we all had fun. Andrea only took 2 naps and she was still in high spirits... hahaha this girl really loves shopping.


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