Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Winter Wardrobe

It's getting cold. Winter is soon here in Alabama.

Winter and cold weather = Change of wardrobe.

Today, after our EENT appointment, we went to shopping for winter clothes. We got a lot specially for our little girl. It is so great to have a little girl because it is fun to shop for cute little outfits. Mom Lori and I had really a great time choosing clothes and shoes for Andrea.

We always have fun going out together. Thanks so much Mom! We love you!

Part of Andrea's winter clothes

Andrea trying one of her outfits... she is ready for winter!


Midas said...

I missed it when my daughter was a baby. She used to model lots of clothes for she's 11 and only wants to wear pants and shirts....all the time.

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Zarebski said...
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