Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Andrea's EENT Visit

We woke up early today for Andrea's EENT appointment. Her appointment was 9:15AM.... whewwww too early for us but no other options since new patients are scheduled at 9:15. We left house after 8am and we had plenty of time to spare when we got at the Children's South Facility.

She had her hearing test and the result was excellent. They also took picture of her ear and it still shows though that she still has drainage in her right ear. Dr. Woolley told us that the ear is no longer infected so Andrea can stop her ear drops now. He just need to check Andrea's ear in 6 weeks to see if the drainage will be gone by then.

We will be back in 6 weeks to see Dr. Woolley and our appointment is at 10:00AM


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