Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Michelle Obama's Dress

I was watching the TV last night and its Election coverage. I was so impressed on how they cover it and the most that impress me is the demographics used in CNN. I was like wow with the way they just touch the buttons on the monitor and the monitor will zoom to a certain area or it will show past vote results in the area. Their demographics is just so amazing.

I watched the coverage until the end. I watched McCain's speech and so is Obama's speech. They both have good speeches. When Obama had his family come out I was disappointed with Michelle's dress. She doesn't look like a first lady on the way she dresses with her dangling earrings.

Granted she wanted a statement on her fashion and granted that the dress was worn by a model but personally i think she could have done better with the blazer (the cover-up top she wore, which i don't know what to call). She could have done something with her hair and her earrings.

Oh well... this is my opinion!


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