Friday, November 7, 2008


Myoma: A benign tumor of smooth muscle in the wall of the uterus. A myoma of the uterus is commonly called a fibroid.

My sister Sylvia told me that she has myoma. She has had problems with her menstrual periods since I was young. I remember one time when she has to be hospitalized and had to have a D and C Procedure, she was single then, and she has to stay in a maternity room. Most of the people thought she had a miscarriage (which of course will cause a raise of an eyebrow having to have miscarriage and you are still single).

I have 4 sisters and all of them has problems with their menstrual cycle. My eldest sister has to have hysterectomy a year (or 2 years) ago because of excessive bleeding all the time. My sister Lita when she was young I remember when she has her bleeding problem, it will just gush out to her legs which is scary to look. She had problems of getting pregnant, she had to take a pill for her to get pregnant. She ended up having 4 kids and her bleeding is not that bad now. My third sister Sylvia had one of her ovary removed because of big cysts and now she has myoma and will have hysterectomy soon. My other sister Menmen has also the same problem with excessive bleeding and she has cysts ( too many to count). She is still having problems to conceive which they hope in the next few years will be solved with the help of advance medications here in US.

With all of us girls, I am the fortunate one in terms of menstrual problems. Mine is nothing to worry about. When I had my ultrasound with my annual OB-GYN visit everything is normal which kinda surprise me with all the history of my sisters. I never had problems when I was pregnant with Andrea and I have a very short labor (and short pregnancy... we discover i was pregnant at almost 5 months and had Andrea in almost eight months).

Hmmm I am thinking maybe I am not one of them... perhaps I am not related to my sisters... hahah I am joking! But seriously, I am thankful that I don't have their problems because I know how much they suffer with their monthly periods (which lasts more than a month).


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