Sunday, November 9, 2008


I really enjoyed playing scrabble. Scrabble is a game I grow up with. I remember when I forced my Mom to play with me. Sometimes, we even played NAMES or visayan words on scrabble. Of the whole family, I can say I am the scrabble master!

When we were living in one roof in Manila, we also used to play scrabble. I am usually the designated scorer because I can do both (playing and scoring) without delay. Sometimes, I even read book while playing scrabble... multi-tasking!

Anyway, when I discovered Literati (almost the same with scrabble), I got hooked with it. When I was working in our internet cafe, I remember playing Literati all the time. I remember how I get frustrated when my connections lags or when my opponents cheats on me. I hate losing because I maintain my scoring color red... the highest bracket. When I play Literati I mean business.

When Dave and I were still chatting, we never miss playing Literati. I am sure all of you can guess who won all the time!

Anyway, I am now back to playing Literati. I stopped playing when our internet connection gave me headache and when our old laptop would just die on me. Now that we have new computer I can now play.. that is when Andrea is asleep! I am not as hooked as I was at this anymore, but still, I really enjoy playing this game.


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