Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We are Sick!

I have not been blogging for a while because Andrea and myself are both sick. Andrea started to have runny nose last Thursday and I started having sore throat last Saturday. My sore throat was so bad that even swallowing my own saliva is painful. How I remember eating the almost ripe papaya dip in vinegar and salt back home when you have tonsilitis. For a while, I wonder what was the connection of the papaya/vinegar when it comes to tonsilitis. But no doubt it really worked.

Remember the papaya/vinegar I made some research online a year ago,and found out that the acid from the vinegar really helps. So, old folks were right although I have to think why papaya and not other fruits. Since I couldn't find the papaya, I just eat pork rinds and dip in vinegar. By Sunday I was starting to cough and my throat was getting better.

Andrea on the other hand, is still having cough and colds. It is just so pitiful when she coughs. And when I suction her nose she hates it, but sometimes she lets me do it when I do it in a playful way.

It has been few days since Andrea has cough and colds so, this morning I decided to schedule and appointment for her with her pediatrician. We were lucky to have given a slot right away. When we were at the hospital, oh my gosh, the sick waiting room is full. We didn't expect to be home early. But to our surprise it didn't take us long.

Andrea has a lot of mucus in her chest but nothing to be alarmed of because she doesn't have pneumonia thankfully. The doctor advised us to give her a bath using a vapor bath. She also told us to use humidifier at home. She didn't gave Andrea any medicine because she is still too young for cough medicine and she is not allowed to take anti-hestamine because she doesn't want the mucus to dry up in her chest or ears. We just continue giving her a nice bath and suck her nose. The good thing with Andrea being sick is she doesnt lost her appetite. She eats anything that you will put in her mouth.

Here we are back home, resting.... still feeling sick but at least I am well enough to cook and


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