Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Second Year in the USA

Time flew so fast. I have been here in the USA for two years already. I remember the day I flew here. My Point of Entry was Detriot. I did not have an easy entry. The immigration officer was somewhat strict for he said that my petition was already expired. I explained to him, how I waited for the visa interview and that my visa was issued few days ago only. He told me that it is not a big problem, all I need to do was to have it stamped that the petition is extended. I was not worried then, but I remember I kept on looking at the clock since I only have less than an hour to spare for my connecting flight. To make the story short, I miss my connecting flight to Memphis. I stayed more than an hour waiting for another immigration officer just to stamp my petition.

While I was waiting for the stamp of my petition, I saw how hard they were with those foreigners that were sent into that room. There was one who has to empty his luggage and went from booth to booth for an interview. That was then that I realized how hard it is to enter USA.

After I was done with my papers, We (Alice, she was my companion, she spent few weeks with us for a vacation here in Alabama) went to Northwest Airline Personnel and explain why we miss our connecting flight. They change our flight and gave us Detriot to Birmingham direct flight which ended up a better deal and of course free of charge.

I called Dave from the payphone in Detroit airport telling him the change of flights. After few hours, here I was in Birmingham airport... Dave has been waving at me with flowers in his hand, wearing his nice formal attire ( hahaha and of course I didn't see him right away). Mom and Dan was there too to meet us.

It seems like it just yesterday. Now, when I remember the paperworks and the frustrations of getting the visa and getting here, it never fails me to have a smile.... the things you have to do, in the name of love!


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