Thursday, November 27, 2008

My flight to USA and my observations (Reminiscing)

I never had a problem with my flight with NWA. The food was great. I was even able to sleep good while on board the plane.

When I boarded the 747, I was so amazed on how big the airplane was! I was like wow! The domestic airplanes in the Philippines will surely fit inside the 747. I even counted the passengers in my mind. The airplane was full from Manila to Nagoya, Japan. We stop over for few hours in Japan, then heed to Detroit. Before we land in Detroit, I saw the big stadium ( not sure if it was footbal stadium or what), I was so amazed how big it was. Then, I saw the parked cars. I was so impressed how straight they were. You will never see that in the Philippines. When we were in Detroit airport, I was surprised how big the airport was and the walkalators were amazing.

When, we boarded for Birmingham... I then discover how cool it was, I even said, jeezzz it is cold in here and to think I was already wearing a sweater. I was also disappointed at how small the airplane was. It was even smaller than our airplanes in the Philippines. When, we are about to land in Birmingham, the first thing I noticed is the forested areas, I even said, this does not look USA at all!

When I got here, I never had a pair of socks. I never thought how important the socks would be in the cold weather ( oh well... we never had cold weather in the Philippines, haha that is my excuse of not wearing socks).

My first breakfast was in Waffle House... The food was in big portions that I only ate half of what we bought. Then, I discovered how different the taste of the foods here.... Foods here are either wayyyyyy too sweet or tooo salty for me. And yes, I used to hate mexican food.

After being here for two years, I am now americanized with regards to eating foods and even cooking! Of course, I still cook and eat Filipino dishes. My love of fish heads is still in my bones. hahaha.


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