Saturday, November 1, 2008

Andrea's First Halloween!

Dave has been on vacation since yesterday. That means we will have time to bring Andrea to her Nana's and celebrate her first halloween and of course her first trick and treat.

I am glad it was not very cold today. I was able to dress up Andrea as a Fairy Witch. I admit the outfit looks really pretty on her. Hahah perhaps I am just being a Mom praising her own baby. We did go to two houses for trick and treating today and then we went to Dave's office to help Payton and then we went grocery shopping and rent movies.

It was a wonderful day for all of us. Andrea was in her best of moods. She didn't even have a long nap today but she was enjoying the day. Perhaps she enjoyed her outfit and her favorite hat!

For being such a wonderful baby all day, Andrea deserved a treat! We gave her GRAPES... sorry no candies... the candies are for mommy!

Getting ready for her First Halloween


With Linda, Andrea first treak and treat

Second House

Fellow trick and treater

Shopping @ Publix


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