Friday, October 31, 2008


In the town where I live, Halloween does not exist! In the bigger city, where supermarket and shopping malls are rampant, Halloween is existing. Stores sells halloween customes too but it is not as big as it is here in USA.

I remember when I was working as cashier in a supermarket, my first ever job in Manila that when it is October 31, one of the casual (temporary) employee would dress up as messenger of death and of course it would scare all the kids. The messenger of death will gave candies of which only few kids would go near him. That was the closest celebration of halloween that I can remember.

This is my second halloween here in USA. Last year I was invited by some of my filipino friends to go trick and treating but I did not go with them because I was pregnant then. Today, it is Andrea's first halloween. We will dress her up but no going around for trick and treating because it is cold and she has ear infection.

My funny thoughts, I think that's why there is no halloween celeb in Philippines because we don't have the same pumpkins that we have here and about trick and treating, most people in the philippines couldn't afford the candy bars (which by the way we called chocolates).

Happy Halloween everyone! Enjoy the trick and treating with this cold weather.


Pearl said...

you may miss suman and biko this halloween!:-) happy trick or treating...wala dito sa pinas niyan...Nice blog here!

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