Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Saints Day and All Souls Day

Philippines today celebrates the All Saints Day. Tomorrow will be the All Souls Day. This is the time of the year that people remembers the dead. This is when commonly we visit the cemetery and bring flowers and lights candle to the grave of our beloved. This is also the time where we have mass intentions for the repose of the souls of our beloved.

In Hanopol where I grew up we have two Catholic Cemetery. Every All Saints Day there will be a Mass in the Cemetery located in the hills in Cogon, a mass in honor of all the souls especially those who were buried in that cemetery.

Last time I attended a mass there, I remember how hard it was climbing those steps going to the top of the mountain and how hot it was. Usually, during this day, we always have our lunch at Sylvia and Pony's residence (since they live near).

During All Souls Day the mass will be at the other cemetery the one in the lower grounds. This is where my Grandparents grave is located.

After the mass, the priest and lay ministers will bless the graves in the whole cemetery.

This two-day celebration is called Undas in Tagalog, Kalag-kalag in visayan. When I was young I remember more houses serves snacks like rice cake, sweet rice (biko), suman (sweet rice in banana leaves) and a lot of filipino delicacies but over the years the food celebration thinned out maybe because of economy. Most of the time though, the filipino delicacies is substituted with bread and softdrinks.... easier for sure!

The food celebration may have thinned out but the real spirit of remembering our dead is still existent and that is more important.

For the souls of our dearly departed, may they rest in peace.
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