Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ear Infection

Few hours after our emergency room trip, we visited Dr. Goldsmith for Andrea's scheduled check-up.

The doctor examined Andrea and told us that she has ear infection in her right ear. She then required for Andrea to have blood work and xray just to make sure that there is nothing more that causes her fever. Lab results are all okay. She gave Andrea a prescription for antibiotic and gave us ear drops which is good for 10 days. She wants to have a follow-up check-up in two weeks.

At least now, we know what causes Andrea's high fever. The good thing too is all the lab work is okay and that it is only her right ear that has infection.

By the way, we told Dr. Goldsmith about our trip to the emergency room, she advised us that in case we ever bring Andrea to the emergency room in the future, we should go directly to the Children's Hospital. St. Vincent's doesn't have a pediatrician on duty at night in their emergency room that is why she advised that we should go directly to Children's Hospital.

After our doctor's appointment, we went to publix to fill Andrea's prescription. Amoxicillin is free at publix, they just need the doctor's prescription. Hmmm we got Andrea's medicine for free today. One from the doctor's office and one from Publix... not bad!!!!


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