Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Trip to the Emergency Room

Andrea has been running high fever since Sunday night. The whole day Monday she still has high fever which is surprising because she never had a fever that lasts this long and this high. At around 4pm Monday, Dave called Andrea's pediatrician's office for an appointment. They gave us appointment Tuesday 9:45am.

All day Monday Andrea is really sick. She doesn't want her milk. At least though, she eats banana and any food that I gave her. She drinks her water and juice too, so i was not concern of her being dehydrated.

Monday night, Andrea's fever went higher and the tylenol dose only helps her for an hour or two and her fever goes back up again.

Tuesday 1:00am Andrea's fever reached 103.6. I gave her sponge bath but still the fever didn't went down. Andrea got red on her cheeks, ears and has baggy eyes so Dave decided to bring her to the emergency room at St. Vincents Birmingham.

We got to the emergency room and Andrea seems to feel better. We waited there for more than an hour before we got to a room and when the doctor went to our room he explained to us about the tylenol and ibufropen (motrin) on its dosage and time interval. We told him on our appt at 9:45 that morning with Andrea's pediatrician. The doctor decided that we just need to control Andrea's fever and let her pediatrician decide on Andrea's case. He gave Andrea a dose of Motrin. We sign the papers and went to discharge and went home. We will just wait for a couple of hours to see Dr. Goldsmith, Andrea's pediatrician.

My thoughts, it seems like it was just a waste for us going to the emergency room since the only thing they do is gave Andrea a Motrin. I was joking, if I have only known, we could just bought Motrin in Walmart and gave it to her and save us from a trip to the emergency room.


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