Thursday, October 16, 2008

Boquet of Flowers

When Mom Lori saw me Tuesday, she describes me like the train ran over me. For the past two days (that was Sunday and Monday) I only got a couple of hours sleep. I have been a singer and dancer mom again. Andrea just felt so bad that she doesn't want to be put down. Whenever I put her down, she would wake up. So I ended up holding her all the time. Sometimes she would sleep for a couple of minutes and then wakes up and cry again. So here I was, looking like a mess without sleep.

I was really tired that while waiting at the lobby in our pediatrician's office, I was yawning a lot. I was tired. Good thing though, Andrea let Mom hold her while we were waiting so at least I had some rest (from holding her).

When we went to Publix, Mom bought me a boquet of flowers to brighten my day. As she says, this will make me feel good.

I really love flowers and Mom knows it.

Thanks Mom. Thank you for everything, for being a good friend and a good mom. I love you.


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