Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Going to see Dr. Leong

I am going to see our PCP (Primary Care Physician) Dr. Tammy Leong tomorrow. I have been complaining with my skin itch for a while now but it is just so hard to get an appointment with our doctor. She is in demand for sure.

I have had similar skin itch last year but it didn't last long. As I remember, all we did is change our laundry detergent. We used for sensitive skin and I was doing okay. This time, I used a sensitive detergent, use different body wash, use different lotion but no change so I decided to go see the doctor. Hopefully, I will not end up like my sister. She has allergy to a lot of things and she has to undergo treatment and the treatment is allergy vaccinations every week. And mind you, it is not just one... The first one was 20 in the left arm and 20 in the second, a total of 40needles in one day... ouch!!!!

Well, I will know what will it be tomorrow!


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