Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Azure Dreams

Dave and I are both addicted to Azure Dreams. We play almost every night since we bought this game. We spend so many hours playing this game but until now we are not yet bored with it. We have a goal of making all our monsters up to level 99 and breaking the bank.

When we got this game, I was not into it. I don't play video games then. Dave always encourages me to try it because he kept on telling me that it is very easy and he was sure then that I will enjoy it. I kept on saying no but Dave was persistent. So I tried. At first it gets frustrating since I am not used to the controls yet but after I got used I got hooked.

Here we are almost every night, playing and on the quest for Mazarr, Pita and treasures while building different monsters.

Azure Dreams...The game involves a boy named Koh from the town of Monsbaiya, which is set at the foot of the gigantic Monster Tower, which houses a plethora of monsters and bizarre creatures. At the age of fifteen, Koh has come of age and is entitled to enter the tower to slay monsters and live up to his missing father's reputation, his father being the greatest monster hunter who ever lived.


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