Tuesday, June 18, 2013

CVS Health Stuff

I did an early shopping at CVS today. I was not looking for anything in particular. I was just planning to see what are the stuff in their clearance sales. I drove to CVS for the first time by myself (with daughter in the back). This was the second time that I drove the car without another driver.

Anyway, I was excited to snag these bottles of fish oil and cinnamon. They were all in CVS clearance sales. They are all 75% off from the retail price. Expiration date is still Year 2017 so I know I can stock up on them.

All the items above were retailed at $ 46.03. With 75% off the price was only 11.51. I used $10ECB which I earned from previous trip. I basically just paid $1.51 (+tax) on all of these. I am a happy with my snags for today!


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