Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Day with Maya

Maya is our neighbor's grand child.  She is Andrea's age and they had a lot of fun together.  I always find it cool when Andrea can play with kids her age.  It is not everyday that she can do so and I am usually her only playmate because she is an only child.

I am glad that Maya came for a visit.  She and Andrea spent a lot of time together.  They did so many stuff together. They baked cupcakes, ate lunch together, played, watch tv, swim, even went to eat at McDonalds!  I know both of them had a blast!


Rcel said...

Ahhh... that is wonderful that Andrea got to find a neighbor who became her friend! Yes, it is nice for them to have playmates. One of our neighbors here is Triz's classmate, pero lalaki man so they only play outside.

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Jessica Cassidy said...

Yay! for a friend named Maya, hope you two will stay playmates for a long time. Mommy L, when can we see another beautiful baby of yours? I am sure that A wants a sibling too :-)


emzzkie said...

aw that is so nice mommy Lulu kay naa kadula si andrea. didto sa among bag-ong gi puy-an naa pud kadula si jj nga classmate ra pud niya ug across the street ang ilang balay. mag cge ug adto sa amoa everyday ug late na muuli. samukan ko kay kada adlaw nalang ug kalat perminente among panimalay ug hurot ang snacks sa akong mga anak kay wa may batasan mangabli lang ug fridge. hehe.. ok nga naa silay kadula, pero dili ko gusto nga kada adlaw nalang masking school days. wahhhh reklamo dyud ko. hahahaha. nindot ng ones a week lang or 2. para dili pud hasul. =)

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