Wednesday, April 17, 2013

BPC 107/365 Ironing

One of the many things that I am not a master of is the Art of Ironing. Ironing is a job that I hate doing but I have to do it. I don't iron all our clothes, I mostly iron hubby's work clothes, the rest is just as is. If they are a little wrinkly, oh well!

Every time I iron the clothes, I couldn't help but longed for my Mom who does all the ironing for me. Mom can iron clothes good so does my other sisters. I am just the exemption (lol).

With nobody to do the job for me, I have no choice but to iron them myself and felt phewww! after that! And yes, I just finished ironing hubby's work clothes!


Rcel said...

Well, I love ironing Mamilu! :D However, it's been ages since I last ironed. When I was growing up, being the 'baby' in the family, I never got to iron clothes. I am thankful that I know how to do it even without some OJT before I got married. Same here, only the bana's work clothes need to be ironed pero akong buotan nga bana, mosugot ra dili pinalantsa iyang suoton. I have this trick nga dili mag-wrinkle iyang mga long sleevs and polos after drying so mo-insist ra sya nga di na naku plantsahon. Maayo ra pud kay wala koy time! LOL.

emzkie said...

kabalo ko mag iron mommy Lu, pero tamad kaau ko mag iron. bata pa ko sa una akong mama gitudluan ko. kani laging uniform sa highschool ug college ba nga daghan ug pleats. ga plantsa ko sa una, karon dili na. hehe kapuyan ko. ug hugaw bitaw akong bana, kaya no need plantsa iyang sanina. =)

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