Tuesday, April 16, 2013

BPC 106/365 Breakfast, Anyone?

It was not a really pleasant morning for hubby as he has to deal with something complicated. What's better way to express your frustration than eat to your heart's content, right? I decided to make him something filling for breakfast. Grits, bacon and egg!

Anybody feeling frustrated? Come on over and I will cook you some!


Adin B said...

Looks like one very filling meal it was. I hope he is feeling better by now mommy LULU. I made it today. :)

Rcel said...

Ayay! Dili maayo magpa-frustrated frustrated Mamilu kay manambok ko ug samot! Wahahaha!

I hope the hubs is feeling better now. Pait ra ba ning mga bana ma-frustrated kay maluoy ta ug ayo. Lol.

emzkie said...

kalami ba sa imong breakfast mommy Lulu. ganahan pud ang akong bana anang grits.
late blog hop!

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