Tuesday, October 16, 2012

When Using Public WIFI

There are many hackers looming around. They are just waiting for the perfect time to steal your important data. These hackers are waiting for you as the user to slip up and your data will be compromised. These crooks will readily steal your private and personal information - your credit card numbers, bank codes, email transmissions and everything else. They are working to steal your identity.

Using a public WiFi hotspots makes you susceptible to the hackers as they can sniff your unprotected connection. Whenever you are using a public wifi hotspot, people who used they same connection can see what you are doing. It is scary yet, this is a fact that is why you should be careful when using a public wifi.

The only way to achieve data security is to use a Private Wifi. Using private wifi will protect your identity and any other sensitive information that you provide in the internet. Private wifi encrypts everything that you send and receive with high level security. So, by using a secure wifi you will have peace of mind knowing that your personal info will not be visible from cyber crooks.


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