Monday, April 16, 2012

on Healthy Eating

I started eating healthy because of my health condition. I do crave for those food that I use to eat without limit. So far, I have manage to curb my rice intake which is really a good start. It was hard but at least I still get to eat all the vegetables that I like.

This was my dinner last night and I just ate this without rice. I also use lite coconut milk for this dish.


Ms. Journ said...

perting lawaya jud tawon nako mi... atot na lamia man tawon ni.. yum!

Pinx said...

aguy, kalami unta pero dili na puede diri sa amo mami! naay di maka-hinga ana! hahahaha!

Mrs.D said...

ayay! mami, naglaway jud ko ani...saludo jud ko nimo kay imo jud g career...sayunan ka mao rani imo gikaon...lamia!

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