Monday, April 9, 2012

Being in the Hospital

The last time I remember that I was hospitalized was in the 90's and that was in the Philippines. When I gave birth to my daughter almost 5 years ago, I was only there in the hospital for an overnight stay. Then last March 30 I was brought to ER.

I started to feel some pain in my flank that day and I was experiencing some UTI symptoms. I thought it was just nothing. That Friday night, I started vomiting and getting fever and severe pain. Hubby brought me to ER. I didn't want to go to be honest because I hate ER's and the waiting there. For some reasons, I didn't wait that long. I was sent to the examining room. They attached all the wires that I can think of and I had IVs.

Blood works were done, morphine was administered and all the works. After two hours I was told that I have UTI and Kidney infection. I underwent CAT scan and some more blood were drawn for more lab works.

To make the story short, I was in ER for over 3 hours and then the doctor decided for me to stay in the hospital. That stay resulted to more tests and the days dragged on until I was there for 6 days.

I am now home and taking time to rest and monitor my health.


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