Sunday, March 4, 2012

Clip it!

Internet is a vast source of information.  Anything you want to know, you can always find it in the net.  From movies to music videos to travel destinations to shopping deals, everything is just a click away.

My basic source of information is the internet.  Whether I want to know the latest news or the best hotel or the cheapest airfare, I can always rely on the internet.  I can proudly say that I am good in finding the best deals in the internet.  All the websites that are my source of deals are all saved in one place.  Thanks to clipix  a free tool that anyone can use.  Clipix is the best way to save and organize things online.  By using clipix, you can save and organize websites that you want to revisit again.  You can save it in clipboards and clipboards can be categorized for your convenience. There's more... clipboards can be shared to your friends and family or can be shared to everyone.  But, if you want to make your clipboards private you can also do that.  Privacy settings of your clipboards can be controlled.

There are many ways to enjoy the different features of clipix.  Two of the most popular features of clipix is the syncboards and the multiboards.  Watch the video below on how clipix can make your online life easier and simpler.

Are you ready to make your online life simpler? Visit their website today, open an account, install the clipix toolbar and start clipping.  I am already a member and I love it.

So for easy management of your favorite websites, CLIP IT!

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A Mom said...

nice reviews! i used this one now!

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