Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Parents' Wedding Anniversary

The main reason why we went home to Philippines for a vacation is my parents' golden wedding anniversary.

Only few couples are blessed to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. My parents were one of them. We were so proud to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

They had their renewal of wedding vows. The ceremony was officiated by our very own Fr. Leonel. Fr. Leonel is a family friend. He had been a friend through ups and downs of our family. Then it was also attended by Fr. Arlims ( family friend), Fr. Junjun(cousing) and Fr. Joel (current parish priest). These 4 priest were on retreat but they had to sneak out of the retreat just to make sure that they can be at my parents' wedding anniversary.

The celebration was a success despite the very hard rain that poured on us while we were at the church. Early dinner was served after the ceremony. Plenty of food were served as we prepared beef dishes, pork dishes, chicken dishes and 2 roast pigs.

After making sure that people had their dinner, we also took our chance to grab something to eat.


Mrs.D said...

awwwwww...what a great milestone! congratulations to your parents mamiLu...such an inspiration!

sos, kalami sa inyong handa woi...gutom na nuon ko da!

Ms. Journ said...

naay suman.. love the shirt mi, ug daghang jud ka appointment during your vacay plus kasal pa sa imung nanay ug tatay... plus kitakits sa old mates.. busy beauty.

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