Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why I hate Summer?

Summer in Alabama is very humid. The scorching hot temperature is almost intolerable. I can't stand the hot summer. Almost all days, I want to stay in the comfort of my airconditioned place. Even though we have the car when we go out, it is still too hot for me. Yes, I am spoiled in this sense but hey I always get sick when it is too hot.

The heat index for the last two weeks is around or more than 100F... I know too hot! Because of the high temperature my electricity bill has sky rocketed! This is the first time ever that my bill is close to $200.

Right now, I am nursing a bad cough.... I told you, I always get sick when I am exposed to hot temperature for a prolong period of time.... Geez, I should move to North Pole!

Now, tell me, can you blame me IF I don't like summer at all?


Umihoney said...

Even though I have been in tropical climate all my life I too couldnt stand too warm a weather.I get migraine.
I'm always wishing for rain.

No I don't blame you for not liking summer :)
Take care and get well soon

Molly said...

I do not like this heat! I'm in Mn.I can't wait til Winter, at least you can put on a coat and get warm

☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

i still love summer hehehe ky dili tugnaw waaaa

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