Wednesday, August 10, 2011

College Friends, Our Story

(Susan, Aisa, Gloria, Lulu)

There were 4 of us. We went to the same school in an Agricultural College. It was not until our second year that we became a very close. We were in the same section on our 2nd year of college that is why we became very close. (We had block sectioning then).

I was the youngest of all of us and needless to say, I was the most spoiled. I help them with academics and in return they help me with everything else. They do a lot of hard labor for me and I was really thankful.

After our 2nd years in college we graduated with a Diploma in Agricultural Technology. They proceeded to earn their Bachelor's degree and I didn't. I pursued another degree because I know that Agriculture was not for me.

To make the story short, we lost in touch. Gloria and I kept in touch as I became very close to her parents too. For so many years, I often visited Gloria and her family once a year. I also visited Aisa once in a while. With Susan we never heard from her. We totally lost contact with her.

I lost in touch with Aisa since middle of 2006 until she found me in Facebook August 2010 (You can read the story here.) Few days ago, I woke up with another surprise. Susan found me in Facebook. Can you imagine 14 years!!! I was really speechless when I saw who added me in Facebook.

Now, we are all communicating again. We are all in different countries. Susan is in HK, Aisa is in Singapore, Gloria in Philippines and I am in USA. Wow, we look back 15 years ago and we can't help but giggle at our escapades and our college life.

I really hope that one day we will see each other again!

Oh, Susan is celebrating her birthday tomorrow! Happy birthday my very good friend! May all your desires come true. I love you!


☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

Ikaw bitaw kina bataan lulu with nice smile. ikaw ray nag agri nga hate ang init hehe

Dhemz said...

wow, FB ra jud naka man diay mo mami...kami kay 5 me sa group...ayay, ikaw jud ang pinakabata dire mami...pinakagwapa ug pinakahamis...ehehhehe!

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