Monday, August 22, 2011

Learning to Use the New Phone

I have been due for a phone upgrade since April but I didn't avail because I was fine with my LG Touch. Then for few days my phone is not charging correctly so last weekend we decided to get the long over due upgrade.

I can get the Droid or the iphone 4 if I wanted to for a minimal fee. But, I am being practical. I don't need a smart phone because I don't need its internet connection as I am always in front of my laptop. It is not practical for me to pay additional monthly bill so I settle for this LG Phone. I just need the basic use of a cellphone. I got this phone for FREE. I still can get my emails on this phone which is the only thing I need.

Now, since I have a new phone, time for the little missy to familiarize herself on how to use the phone. At first she was upset why it is no longer a touch screen phone but after few minutes she already learned how to use it.


shahz said...

smart kid.. hehehe!..

Laikka said...

wais na nanay:)

agoyagoy..ang bata nag tuploktuplok na..hehe

Dhemz said...

conservative jud kau ka mami have the choice...iphone ta bitaw woi...ako dko ngambisyon man anang iphone....ok siguro kung sa pinas ko nagpuyo...dre d man kau uso ang cellphone...ehehe!

lili lang ko kadyot before hitting the hay...miss chatting with yah...mwah!

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