Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Misplaced Camera Charger

After taking plenty of pictures, the battery of my camera got exhausted. I was ready to recharge it. I looked for my charger at its usual place but I can't find it. I look for all the possible places but I still can't find it. Am I getting old or what?

I was already frustrated not being able to find my camera charger. I can't be without my camera because how can I blog if I don't have a camera? I was almost ready to buy a new camera. In fact, I already found a 14MP 5x optical zoom camera for a price that I am very much willing to pay. I was actually getting excited to buy a new camera.

Then out of the blue, I thought of a possible scenario. Perhaps I put the camera charger on my laptop case when we went to Mobile, Alabama. I hurriedly checked it and there it was!

Finding my camera charger means not buying a new camera. Oh ... too bad! I wanted a new camera! hahaha


A Mom said...

i added you sis, pls do the same, thanks

Dhemz said...

hahhaha....nganong nagduha duha ka pa man...tan-aw nakit-an nanuon nimo ang!

anne said...

hehehe nganong nakit an pa man gud ang charger lol
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