Saturday, July 23, 2011

Guess, Guess, Guess

I went to shop at Guess the other day. I bought some Guess goodies for a friend. I am glad that there is a Guess factory outlet near me because I can buy some good stuff for a lesser price. My friend is excited to get her Guess goodies. I am excited too because I love the stuffs that I got for her!


Anne said...

I am super excited na jud to have them in my hands... tnx super mami for your time to shop.. next time will be coach... :-).

Super in love na c ako! Sa bag, wallet and VS... :-)

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

sayang i am, not that friend.. love guess unsa imung gi shopping mamilu, imu ko gi apilan diha?

Pinx said...

mommy lu!! sige lang ka shopping ha?? asa man ang ako ani? hapit na baya February! hehehehe, dapat naa juy ako! hahahaha! bisan lang gikan sa clearance sale... LOL!

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