Thursday, March 17, 2011


I was cleaning our closet when I decided to take out my purses. I am getting ready to send a box to the Philippines and some of them will be inside it. These are the purses that I have collected that stayed in my closet most of the time. I am sure that my family will have a better use of them than have them sit inside the closet.

Some of these purses are just slightly used and there are two or three which I haven't used at all.

My little girl proudly helping mommy take the purses out and saying I want a picture of the purse mommy.

Closer Look
With the number of purses showed in the pictures, you would not wonder why hubby sometimes asks me " how many purses do you need?" whenever I am buying a new one.

This is my entry for Nostalgia # 44



chubskulit said...

Oh my delilah, ang dami naman nyan.. Mahilig ka pala magcocollect ng purses hehehe... Tama ka dyan, your family in the Phils will have a better use of it..

Dhemz said...

pede sad imo na idonate dire sa ako mami...nyahhaha!

Silvergirl said...

giveaway mo kaya :P hehehe

Anne said...

oi mi ka nice i love the brown one. Pede mopalit i apil sa akong package hahahaha...

Nice daghana kaau oi...

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