Friday, March 18, 2011

All New to my Aunt

I remember my aunt who is currently visiting her daughter in Canada now and since she’s used to the tropical weather, until now, she is still adjusting to the climate and weather. She often gets colds and coughs and sometimes her nose bleeds because of the cold weather. She had to ask her daughter if there are differences between Philippine drugs and Canada drugs. She just wants to make sure if she is taking the right medicine for a certain cold or cough virus. Her daughter, being a long time resident, referred her to a reliable Canadian pharmacy. She also told my aunt that if ever she finds it hard and difficult to locate or go to the pharmacy, there is also a Canadian internet pharmacy where she can buy online prescription and non-prescription brand and generic medications (even pet medications). Since she is not yet familiar with the streets and location in Canada, my aunt opted to buy the medicine via online. Never did she regret buying because she was relieved from her sickness and back to her healthy self. I’m pretty sure that my aunt will have a great time there once her body has become well adjusted to the new environment.


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