Friday, March 25, 2011

Prescription Eyeglasses

Maybe my eyes really do need to be checked again. I’ve noticed that there are times when I’d see a shadow behind the letters when I stare at my computer monitor. Maybe it’s because I’m online most of the day that my eyes are now starting to strain. I guess I really should be using my eyeglasses more.

I didn’t really want my eyes checked but that is what will be best. Thankfully I don't need to pay for it because our Vision insurance cover yearly check up and a certain amount for frames. Because I dote on a little girl 24/7, I’m sure one pair isn’t enough. It could easily break or gets damaged when we play together so I would probably need around 3-4 pairs, just to be sure.

While I was trying to search for prescription eyeglasses online, I chanced upon Zenni Optical. They have hundreds of pairs below $10 and you can even get 50% refund if returned within 30 days. I think it’s a great deal because then it wouldn’t be too expensive for me if I decide to buy 4 or more pairs. Since they also provide a flat rate shipping fee, what I can do is to try out 1 pair first and see if their measurements really fit my face and follow the doctor’s findings. When I’m satisfied, then I can go online again and buy the other 2 or 3 pairs.


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