Friday, March 4, 2011

Night Owls

Hubby and I are night owls. With my hubby's work shift, I guess we have an excuse for staying up so late. We are used to this kind of schedule but we both know that we have to change it soon so that when the time comes that our daughter will go to school, she won't have problems, time-wise.

On nights that we don't watch a movie, we always enjoy watching history shows or other documentary shows. These shows are really interesting and very educational. I am glad that the package that I got from Direct TV offered different channels that we can watch these type of shows. I admit, at first, I was not really interested in these kind of stuff in TV but I got used to it and after watching a few of them, it got more interesting.

I know that if I want to know something about a certain thing, I can easily find it in the internet but watching them in film is more convincing and more intriguing that is why I am now watching more documentary shows with my hubby. I guess, that's one of the good thing being night owls, you will be able to watch different documentaries. If you are curious about documentary shows, you should check your Satellite TV provider. I am sure it has different channels that offers these.


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