Monday, March 14, 2011


Have you heard of Audiology? Apparently it’s the study of hearing and hearing related disorders. I was browsing about this online after seeing another mommy blogger’s post about needing hearing aids for her daughter who is I think just 2 years old.

It's interesting that a child can be tested for signs of hearing loss as early as 12-24 hours of age. I actually thought it was part of the newborn screening done to babies. The mommy blogger at first thought that her baby’s non-responsiveness to her voice was just because it was still a baby. Any mother I think would also think the same. Until I read her post, I didn’t imagine that having a baby’s hearing tested might be one that we should do early on if we notice the slightest non-responsiveness to sound.

I just hope that we’ll have more specialized doctors and facilities like that of the South Florida Audiology Associates, nationwide. It will be comforting to any mother to know that her baby has perfect hearing.

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