Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Online Garage Sale

Do you go to garage or backyard sales? I usually pass by some of them throughout the year because we don't usually wake up early. If you want to find the best buys on this garage sales you need to be there early in the morning or else the items left around noon are no longer the best. Scouring for cheap treasures are for me very worth your time and meeting people who does the same is quite fun. Garage sales are always time-consuming but I always enjoy doing so.

Unlike ordinary garage sales, online garage sale is another matter though. I first heard about craigslist from friend when she said she’d be selling some of her old stuff, a used sofa, refrigerator, and air conditioner among other things. At first I didn’t really think it would work out but as soon as she set up an ACH merchant account, her things started selling like hotcakes.
Now I’m thinking of doing the same thing if I need to dispose of some items from our house. Instead of waiting for people to come over and check out our stuff in the garage, more people will have the same opportunity online. I just need to learn how to set up a merchant account of my own so I can accept electronic payments too.


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