Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Medical Doctors as Teachers

When you were a child, have you ever dreamed of becoming a doctor? I think every child goes through that phase. But when I learned how long it takes to be one, I think that was the time I changed my preferences.

Becoming a doctor isn’t easy. It takes years to be one, and more years to become specialized in an area, and even more years if they want to specialize in more than one area. The good thing about it is until you grow old, you will always carry that achievement with you.

I do notice though that most of the times, the experienced doctors don’t do a lot of procedures anymore. They are more content to teach young doctors and maybe do just one procedure or two. I wonder if they went through a teach the teacher course . Is there a medical teaching course for doctors that they have to enroll in?

I tried to do some research about medical teaching course for doctors and I’m glad I found out that Oxford Medical has medical management courses and other medical teaching course available for medical doctors. I’m sure that if medical doctors do take these courses, then they will become really great and effective teachers, as well as doctors.


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