Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Driving a Car

As my daughter grows up, I know she will be in lots of outdoor activities, whether in school or with her friends. I am sure there will be plenty of sports and play dates when she will be in school. Part of being an independent mom is knowing I can take her out to those activities on my own. I know I can always depend on my husband to drive us around but I know I have to learn to drive some time too. Learning to drive can give me independence too. I can do things without relying on my husband.

I really have to stop procrastinating. My learners permit has already expired and I need to renew it as soon as possible so that I can continue learning. Though I still don't know how to drive, I’m already looking at the nearest Honda dealer. For my first car, I am thinking of getting a used Honda. I still have to learn to be comfortable with driving and getting a brand new car is an added pressure. I can’t keep thinking about avoiding getting scratches on the car as much as to learn how to operate the car.

I would love to have the Honda Accord but maybe I can start with something low-end, and then slowly move up into that category. For the moment, first thing is first and hopefully pretty soon I will be driving on my own.


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