Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cycling and Pilates

I have always been intrigued at people who go to the gym religiously to keep fit. I’m not a health buff by all means but sometimes I think of wanting to wear a 2-piece swimsuit. Like next year, we’re vacationing in my home town in the Philippines, in Bohol, and there are lots of beaches to enjoy.

For now, I enjoy watching health-related reality shows. It’s amazing how some of the contestants can just lose weight in a short span of time. But I also wonder if the trainers are trained for specific situations. I mean, there are those with knee problems, and the contestants do a lot of cycling. I’m pretty sure though that the popular shows have had their trainers attend a series of cycle trainer courses. I know it’s a great cardio workout, but maybe for starters, I can consult with a Pilates Instructor on low impact exercises. Maybe I can enjoy simple moves first then slowly work up to the more extensive ones.

Have you tried Pilates? Or do you prefer hard core exercise moves?


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