Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wedding Photography

A friend of mine attended a very successful wedding which her daughter was one of the flower girls. Her little girl walked down the aisle on her own, without a hitch! She was so happy that she didn't realize the continuous flash of photographers around her. Right after her little girl sat down, that's when she noticed a lot of people holding DSLRs. Now she's saving for one too. She's sure there will be more milestones that her daughter will accomplish so she thinks buying a camera is a good investment.

When she read about cameras in the internet, she got interested in monetizing her future camera. She was browsing the Roman Grinev Photography site and was inspired at the pictures. They had really good reviews and won a number of awards which makes them one of the top in Maryland Wedding Photography. It's amazing how their pictures capture the emotion in an instant. These Maryland Wedding Photographers really know their business.

Now that this site has inspired her, she wants to learn the intricacies of photography. Who knows, with that much inspiration, she might be able to take pictures of her little one in other weddings they will attend in like a Maryland Wedding Photographer.


Dhemz said...

pretty well said mami...mau ni kay mahal nga opp...ehehehe!

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